Water Data

Getting good data on the many issues related to freshwater has long been a challenge. Here you will find data tables from The World’s Water series, along with select content from the newest release, Volume 8 (January 2014). For the entire book, order directly from Island Press or Amazon.

The World’s Water Vol. 8 Select Content (2014)

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 (v. 8): Global Water Governance in the Twenty-First Century, Heather Cooley, Newsha Ajami, Mai-Lan Ha, Veena Srinivasan, Jason Morrison, Kristina Donnelly, Juliet Christian-Smith

Chapter 4 (v. 8): Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Resources: What Do We Have to Know?, Heather Cooley and Kristina Donnelly

Water Brief 2 (v. 8): The Red Sea-Dead Sea Project Update , Kristina Donnelly

Water Brief 3 (v. 8): Water Conflict: Events, Trends, and Analysis, Peter Gleick and Matthew Heberger

The World’s Water Volume 8 Data

Table 1: Total Renewable Freshwater Supply, by Country (2011 Update): PDF | Excel

Table 2: Freshwater Withdrawal, by Country and Sector (2013 Update): PDF | Excel

Table 3a and 3b: Access to Improved Drinking Water by Country, 1970–2008 & 2011 Update: PDF| Excel

Table 4a and 4b: Access to Improved Sanitation by Country, 1970–2008 & 2011 Update: PDF| Excel

Table 9: Area Equipped for Irrigation Actually Irrigated: PDF| Excel

Table 15:  Total Water Footprint of National Consumption, by Sector and Country, 1996–2005: PDF| Excel

The World’s Water Select Content (previous editions)

Chapter 4 (v. 7): Fossil Fuel and Water Quality, Lucy Allen, Michael J. Cohen, David Abelson, and Bart Miller
Chapter 7 (v. 7):  U.S. Water Policy Reform, Juliet Christian-Smith, Peter H. Gleick, and Heather Cooley
Water Brief 2 (v. 7): The Great Lakes Water Agreements, Peter Schulte
Water Brief 3 (v. 7): Water in the Movies, Peter H. Gleick

Chapter 1 (2008-2009): Peak Water, Meena Palaniappan and Peter H. Gleick
Chapter 5 (2008-2009): China and Water, Peter H. Gleick
Water Brief 2 (2008-2009): Past and Future of Salton Sea, Michael J. Cohen
Water Brief 3 (2008-2009): Three Gorges Dam Project, Yangtze River, China, Peter H. Gleick

The World’s Water Volume 7 Data

Table 9: Death and DALYs from Selected Water Related Diseases, 2000 and 2004: PDFExcel

Table 13: Top Environmental Concerns of the American Public: PDF | Excel

Table 19: Per Capita Consumption of Bottled Water: PDF | Excel

The World’s Water 2008-2009 Data

Table 5: MDG Progress on Access to Safe Drinking Water by Region: PDF

Table 19: Water Content of Things: PDF

The World’s Water 2006-2007 Data

Table 6: Annual Average ODA for Water, by Country, 1990 to 2004 (Total and Per Capita): PDF

Table 7: Twenty Largest Recipients of ODA for Water, 1990 to 2004: PDF

Table 8: Twenty Largest Per Capita Recipients of ODA for Water, 1990 to 2004: PDF

Table 9: Investment in Water and Sewerage Projects with Private Participation, by Region, in Middle- and Low- Income Countries, 1990-2004: PDF

Table 10: Bottled Water Consumption by Country, 1997 to 2004: PDF

Table 11: Global Bottled Water Consumption, by Region, 1997 to 2004: PDF

Table 14: Global Cholera Cases and Deaths Reported to the World Health Organization, 1970 to 2004: PDF

Table 15: Reported Cases of Dracunculiasis by Country, 1972 to 2005: PDF

Table 16: Irrigated Area, by Region, 1961 to 2003: PDF

Table 17: Irrigated Area, Developed and Developing Countries, 1961 – 2003: PDF

Table 18: The U.S. Water Industry Revenue (2003) and Growth (2004–2006): PDF

Table 19: Pesticide Occurrence in Streams, Groundwater, Fish, and Sediment in the United States: PDF

Table 20: Global Desalination Capacity and Plants—January 1, 2005: PDF

Table 21: 100 Largest Desalination Plants Planned, in Construction, or in Operation—January 1, 2005: PDF

Table 22: Installed Desalination Capacity by Year, Number of Plants, and Total Capacity, 1945 to 2004: PDF

The World’s Water 2002-2003 Data

Table 10: Irrigated Area, by Region, 1961 to 1999: Excel

Table 12: Number of Dams, by Continent and Country: Excel

Table 14: Regional Statistics on Large Dams: Excel

Table 15: Commissioning of Large Dams in the 20th Century, by Decade: Excel

The World’s Water 1998-1999 Data

Table 13: Waterborne Disease Outbreaks in the United States: PDF

Table 14: Hydroelectric Capacity and Production by Country, 1996: PDF

Table 16: Desalination Capacity by Country, January 1, 1996: PDF

Figure 1.8: Desalination Capacity (chart): GIF

Table 2.2 Estimates of Global Morbidity and Mortality of Water-Related Diseases: PDF


Sanitation Coverage

Populations without Access to Drinking Water


Treaty Between the government of the Republic of India and the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh on Sharing of the Ganga/Ganges Waters at Farakka.