Other Resources

Other Resources 

UNEP-CEO Water Mandate Capacity Platform
New website that helps companies identify and utilize water assessment tools.

Water Related Resources for Researchers

Along with our Water and Conflict Chronology the Pacific Institute offers other resources
on global water issues.

Water to Air Models
To give water managers a better understanding of the relationship between water management decisions, energy consumption, and air quality the Pacific Institute has created two Water to Air Models. The models are available for download without charge from the Water to Air Model page.

International Water Law
For information about international water law and policy, please visit the International Water Law Project.

The Program in Water Conflict Management and Transformation (PWCMT)
A program of Oregon State University, the PWCMT serves as a training, resource and information hub for students, citizens, officials, and business leaders in Oregon, across the United States and internationally, facilitating dialogue on critical water issues across diverse values and perspectives. Learn more.

Water Is Key
The Pacific Institute is teaming up with photographer Gil Garcetti on Water Is Key, a campaign to help raise funds for safe-water initiatives in West Africa. Learn more.